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Welcome to Need’s Country Kennel!

News from Need's Country Kennel.

Because of health problems, my grandson Charles Wilburn is now operator and owner of Need's Country Kennel. You can still contact me. A special Thanks to everyone of you that brought puppies from me, and my adults. THANK YOU!

My grandson still has some dogs of his, so you can call and see if he has a puppy available.

Need’s Country Kennel is located just outside beautiful Saint James , Missouri on the family farm. Located in Central Missouri, Rolla area, in between St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri. Wondering hills of Vichy, and the Ozarks.

Growing up here on the farm, my 3 brothers and 2 sisters, as young children, couldn’t pronounce Vernita; so the nickname, Need, was started and has carried on throughout the years.

My husband (Kenny) and I started this kennel in 2004, but had we known years ago that you could work this hard, and I mean hard, and had this much love doing this, we would have started it a long time ago. We love our dogs and the puppies. Every one of them is precious and has different personalities. The love you get from them, knowing they are placed in good homes, and the pleasure they give for years, makes the hard work a joy.

God Bless You and Thank You for visiting Need’s Country Kennel.

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You can contact Needs Country Kennel at 1-573-699-4719

or email: needpup@wavecomputers.net



Please bless my kennel, give me happy, healthy, producing dogs. Bless my effects in cleaning, caring and the love I put into this.

Bless the ones I sell to homes, I pray they are loved and bring someone pleasure, happiness and a wonderful life. To make someone happy and bring joy to a world that needs happiness.

A puppy for a small child, or a family to bond, an older person for companionship. A loving loyal, adorable friend for life, who loves you back no matter what…

Angels among us

Let my puppies bring joy and smiles to all the life’s they touch.

Bless me God and help me each day, to bring service and love to all I meet. A little touch of happiness to my dogs and the families that they find.

Thank You oh Lord, for all the wonderful people I have met, and the good homes my puppies have found. Thank You for my families support, friends and my beautiful babies.