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This is some feedback that we have received.


(by email)

I just wanted to write you and thank you for letting us give this beautiful pug a home. We did give her the name Glamis, and for her first vet visit they said she was in great health, though here in a month or so well determine if we need to open her nasal passages. Typial pug issues but easily can be resolved . ha ha ha. She does so well with our Pheobe, and you are right. Pheobe did take her as a mother figure. Potty training has defiantly been going better then what I expected but after today's rain we decided our dear Glamis needs a raincoat. ha ha. Words can not explain how thankful we are for letting us give her a home. Being at your home and vistiing really showed us how much you care about your animals and what you do & how you take care of them. Your husband & yourself were so kind & welcoming, being so far away from home, felt like we were almost at home again. Our daughter Hailey asked us when we left if you could be her pretend grandma. She is a silly one. I attached some photos, and once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We couldn't be any happier with our new addition. Take care and God bless you. HR USA Army


Hello Mrs. Vernita, how are you doing. Chelsie and I are doing great. Chelsie went to the vet Wednesday, and she is healthy as a horse. She also stole the attention from the other pets. Everyone was saying how cute she was. Chelsie is very energetic and loves to play with her toysl Last night, I let her sleep in my bed with me and she slept all night. She also enjoys watching tv. Thank You! K_M

Good Morning Vernita, I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy we pruchased from you. His name is Tigger because he jumps around just like Tiger on Pooh. It has almost been three weeks now since we got him and we are so happy to have him. He is so energetic and loves to play. He has started barking but only when we play. He just loves to curl up in our laps and go to sleep. Right now there are four people who have come by to see him and wanted to steal him away. God for bid anything happened to us I know there would be a fight oner who gets Tigger. It's that cute little face that gets them every time. He is still a little timid when we are outside with all the noises but he is getting better. It almost makes me wish I was able to get another.When I took him to the vet someone asked where I had purchased him from and I referred them to your website. As a matter of fact I have sent several people to your websit. Well I gotta go. Just wanted to update you on how Tigger was doing. I will keep in touch.

NF and Tigger

Dear Vernita, My daughter & I bought a little girl Yorkie (Bella) from you in October & we wanted to Keep you up to date on her. First of all let me say my daughter is absolutely in love with her baby girl. She takes her everywhere with her. She has a pink bed, pink doggy purse, a pink kennel, pink sweater, bows of every color, she is "very" spoiled and a pink princess food bowls. She is now 3 months old and her cute little ears are standing up-they look so cute!!! She is doing O.K. on the potty training-has a couple accidents here and there if we don't watch her too closely. and she has the cutest little bark. We want to thank you so much for helping make my daughters dream come true. Bella is truly the love of my daughter's live!!Thank you. She recently got her senior pictures taken with Bella & when we get them back we will be sending you one.Once again Thank You, Thank you, Thank You. T&B Jones (St. Charles)

I just wanted to thank you for the care you took in selling us what is now Tico. (which he already knows his name by end of day.1- I hope you don't mind that I changed it). My husband also told me that you were the nicest lady and it takes alot to impress him. I just wanted to attach these photos of our daughter Alex and son Joshua with our newest famiuly edition. And of couuse our Cockapoo Bailey. They are getting along just great!! So thank you again for you warm hospitality and we will recommend you to everyone that is truly looking to add sweet dog to their family. Youre a doll and husband said your place including th lake was spectacular. If every I can do anythin for you please let me know. SR & D, Alex, Joshua, Bailey and Tico

I just wanted to take a monent and thank you for the Westie I got from your for my wife's birthday. She is in love with the pup and he is our new boy! He's awesome and healthy and doing very well in his new home. Thank fro the meticulous records you kept as they were extremely helpful to our Vet. I thought I would attach some pics for You. Enjoy S & C S and Conner St. James

Hello, I would like to comment about Needscountrykennel. I bought a Yorkie from Vernita and she is a very healthy puppy. Her mane is Isabella and her mommy was Lil Bit. The Vet said: she was very healthy and a very good looking puppy. I have bought from Needs Country Kennel in the past and I will always, she has very healthy babies and she loves them and cares if they get good forever homes. She sales you a very healthy puppy and loving puppy. She is a very caring Lady and she loves what she does. Thank You! Nita from PH,M

Hello! I hope all is well with you and your family.. Here is recent pics of Rosco, who is doing great.. We went to the vet on Tuesday the 5th and he had a great check-up. He weighs 5 lbs 6 ozs, so he is surely eating well.. She checked him from head to toe and started him on heartworm meds and stool sample done too. This woman gave a better physical to my dog than the boys get from the doctor.. They even did a paw print His potty training is ok.. The boy’s sure love him.. He loves to play and chase … My husband really enjoys him too…   Take care and thank you!  ReM and family

Hi Vernita! We bought our Schnoodle puppy Toby (AKC “Red”) from you in Dec. 2006. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of him. He no longer fits the name “Red” he’s more blonde. He is soooo loved by everyone! All of our family members want to adopt him from us, but there’s no way that’s happening! Just wanted to give you a little update on him. I saw where you have a new litter available. I may be calling you about them, my dad may be interested. Thanks so much for our wonderful addition to our family. DT in KY

Message: Hi! We brought one of your black female Scotties this past weekend and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her. We named her Bee’s Wee Highland Maggie (Maggie for short). She went to the vet on yesterday to get checked out and microchipped. Our vet said that she was in excellent health and was very impressed. Maggie gets along VERY well with our yellow lab….she follows her around all the time…it’s very cute. She’s also even doing great with potty training: she usually waits to go ‘potty’ outside! We love her to death and she’s spoiled already! We’ll send pictures soon! Thank you so much!

EB and family (and Maggie too!)

Message: I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Smoky/aka: Pretzel…(Shih Tzu) he is a good boy, great with the kids and already potty trained!  We took him to the vet and he is in great health!  He is a very happy and energized puppy and we love him already.  We can’t wait to recommend you to our friends!  It was a pleasure meeting you and your family!  You were wonderful to work with and gave great directions! Thank-You!  B,L,Q Bailey and Pretzel too!!  I will send picture’s soon!

 PS: please let me know when you are planning your next litter


Message: Hi! We bought one of your black Scotties this past weekend and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her. We registered her and named her Bee’s Wee Highland Maggie (Maggie for short). She went to the vet yesterday to get checked out and microchipped. Our vet said that she was in excellent health and was very impressed. Maggie gets along VERY well with our yellow lab…she follows her around all the time.. It’s very cute. She’s also even doing great with potty training: she usually waits to go “potty” outside! We love her to death and she’s spoiled already! We’ll send pictures soon.

Thank you so much! EB& Family (and Maggie too!)

Message; I wanted to let you and everyone know, that is looking for a loving friend, pet to go to Needs Kennel.  I brought (3) babies from her and I love them very much. A Scotty, Chole which is just the most loving and sweet baby girl ever. I had always wanted a black Scottie and I found Needs Kennel. Then I got my birthday gift; (2) Westies girls sisters, Zoe and Maggie Mae the sweetest loving babies and very healthy.  Plus she worked with me for the pick up of my girls, because I was in the hospital and she was very kind to me.  I recommend, Needs puppies she has nice healthy babies, and mind are very smart.  She is also very helpful to the parent that goes looking for a new baby, to fill their lives with joy. Thanks so much, Need for my babies, and for anyone looking, please go to Needs kennel she loves the babies and they love her, all the puppies and mommies and daddies.  God Bless. Nita from Parkhills


Message; Just wanted to comment on what beautiful dogs you have!  They are gorgeous!  We raise only Brussels Griffons, but wow, I’m tempted to get one of your Scotties! How cute!  Thank you! JR 

Message; I’m sorry we haven’t e-mailed back before now. Shadow ( Schnauzer) is great he goes everywhere with us and he is such a good boy. He is spoiled rotten!! He is very smart and knows several commands already. He has had two more sessions if shots and I gave him his first hair cut last night.  He has grown a lot; he weighs a little over 6 pounds now.  We can’t believe how much personality reminds us of our other dog. Everyone just loves him and thinks he is so will behaved. My mom and dad come and visit him every morning and every afternoon so he goes out to play every couple of hours. My father just loves him so much and will sit and talk to him for hours. He is such a good fit for us and we really can’t imagine life without him now. Well we all hope that you and our family are doing will and we send you good wishes.  Shadow says hello and he missies you all. Thank you again for Shadow. God bless. CD in NC


Message; I just wanted you to know Winston ( Maltese) is doing great. I had at the vets yesterday for his shots and they were impressed with your record keeping. I adore the little guy. He is so sweet and loving. He doesn’t bark much, which is good. He has a couple of toys he can squeak which he thinks is great and with bells that we can play fetch with. I’ll see if someone will take a picture of him and e-mail you a copy. He has such a cute face. I’m so glad he is mine. Thank You!   SH

by (email)

Message; I brought one of your pups (Westie) for my mom for Christmas. I just had to tell you she loved/loves her. When we gave her the puppy, she cried (happy tears). She has been a real joy and blessing to my mom. Just wanted to let you know she is in a good home and being spoiled. I understand my brother in law contacted you about the last little Westie you had for my sister! Savannah has two homes lined up for her if it doesn’t work out with my mom,. Mine and my sisters! You may have us lined up at your door come spring. Well, like I said I just wanted to update you and tell you,          Thank You!   LP


By (email)

Hello Vernita

My boyfriend and I came a few months ago and bought your little Scottie puppy boy. Our camera is in the shop so unfortunately you cannot see how adorable he is but can I just tell you he has the sweetest little face! He gives the BEST HUGS and loves try to talk to us! He is addicted to tummy rubs and loves to run with us. He is a very healthy puppy and we are just beyond plesased with him. It is very obvious that he was in lovin and caring hands in his first 8 weeks. I am so glad that I found Need's Country Kennel. Fitzgerald (our Puppy) is truly a joy and a definate member of our family!

Thanks so much, Liz

We just want to call you and let you know that we took, babies to Vet. And he said excellent condition, very healthy and great health records. Putting your card up in clinic if anyone needs a puppy he would reckoned you. Puppies are excellent health, playful and doing great on potty training. We are so glad we bought 2 (Yorkies), they are doing so well together. They travel with us, and we just want you to know how much we love them, and how happy we are to have them. Thank you so much. T&JP