Updated 2/22/2018

For Sale: SOLD

Cava-Poo; That is Cavalier King Charles and Poodle. New litter

Mommy is Dixie and Daddy is Tater Fry (Poodle)

Ruby and Duke Grandbabies.

Please call if interested or email.

Rudy, super good mommy.

Just call me Mr. Personality.

Mommy said we need a bath.

But I don't want a bath.


Super precious baby girl.

I am special, and lovable.

Mommy thinks I am soooooooo cute.


Hi I am Buster, and a sweetheart...

I am looking around and having fun.

This is my happy face..

Super cute little Puppy.

Ella Rose is beautiful.

Ella Rose up close and personal.

Beautiful Cava-Poo Babies.

So soft and cute.

Baby Girl so sweet.

I call him Buster.

Buster's selfie..

Just to cute.. Teddy Bear.

Baby Boy Cava-Poo, so cute..

Baby Girl Cava-Poo Precious..

Baby Girl watching TV

Ms. Dixie and new babies.

Cream and Ruby color. so cute.

Baby girl getting cutier..

This is Sparky, he is a cutie..

Roger Dodger, he has personality plus.

Sparky is Precious.

This is Sparky, digging up tree, he is tiny.

Roger & Dodger, they are so playful.

Loving, spoiled and to cute.

Fionna getting ready for new home..

Looks like she is adjusting pretty good..

Dixie adjusting to her new home..

Solid Ruby in color female.

I am a sweetheart, cute too.

Just don't like to look at the camera..

1 Tri-colored female 3 Ruby colored.

4 Ruby colored Males. One getting a bath.

Ruby is the mommy and she is great...

This is Bailey, Smiling for camera..

Bailey getting ready to go to his new home.

This is his, I'm on point pose. So cute.

3 boys and 1 little girl.

Ruby's new babies

Dog pile, so cute.

We are growing up.

Tri-colored little boy

Tiny little sister she is beautiful..

This is my Red, I love him...

Baby Cutie Face

You can see how small she is..

All four having fun.

Baby Doll is exploring.

This is up close and personal..