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Newborn Maltese puppies, which resemble soft, white balls of yarn, may initially have fawn-colored hair around their ears, but it gradually fades into the entire body is covered in a pure white coat, though their noses and eye rims become darker as they mature.

      This breed, called by various names, including the Maltese terrier, the Maltese spaniel, the Maltese poodle, the bichon maltese, and the Melita dog, is said to have been brought to its Mediterranean island home, a key trading center, by the Phoenicians as far back as 1500 B.C.  Some people believe, however, that it is the island of Meleda in the Adriatic Sea, not Malta, where they originated.

     In one of Aesop’s fables, one of this breed appears as a “white dog of Malta” that accompanies doting sailors on long voyage. In 15th-century France, they served as lapdogs for noblewomen, and, after Queen Victoria had one ordered from Malta in the late 1800s, the breed, suddenly in high demand, was for a time bought and sold at very high prices.

     These intelligent and quick-learning dogs are lively and playful, and despite their soft bearing and elegant appearance, they are fairly daring. Also, their barks are unexpectedly loud and high pitched.

Their long, silky hair needs frequent care for it to remain snow white. Also, their eyes should be wiped carefully each morning and their mouths cleaned after each meal, and their bottoms should be cleaned after bowel movements.

Size: (male) Height 8- inches weight 4-7 pounds (females) same

Coat: Long straight and silky. White is desirable


Remarks: The tail has long, rich feathering and is raised over the back.

Also called: Bichon maltese

Information from the Legacy of the PUPPY