Up date: 5/14/2012


  • Jacqueline, (Jackie is Gizmo's full sister)
  • Pee Wee, Peanut
  • Daddy is Casper, he is a cutie...   
  •  Call if interested, or email me.

Gizmo DOB Christmas Day 2005.


This bow looks like candy to me.

Mommy says we are super cute..

Not sure what she is doing to us. Pictures?????

Just call me bunny, I am tiny.

I have personality plus, and wet ears.

I am super precious, tiny girl.

Beautiful baby girl maltese.

I am a boy doll, Gizmo brother.

Ready for St. Pat's Day..

We are just precious..

Mom said sat still, for a minute..

She is a doll baby....Gizmo full sister.

PeeWee little dolly.

She is a cutie, and she is spoiled..

Angel face, sweetheart ..

Trina's baby girls.

Trina's baby boy..Handsome.

We are just to precious....

Snowy's cutie pie.

I love to get my picture took..

I am a ham, posing for pictures.


Snowy's baby girl.


She is a doll, and precious..


Gizmo is our half-brother.

Snowy's Babies, Precious

She has little bows on ears.

He has his Taz tie on. Beautiful...

I am Gizmo's full sister.


I think, I am sweeter and cuter...

My nose will turn all black as I get older.

Merry Christmas.


Gizmo loves the snow.

Christmas is a fun time of the year.

He loves to pose for his pictures.

She is adorable!

This is his favorite spot, My pillow.

Precious sisters out to play.

PeeWee's Angel & Gizmo's sister

Gizmo's full brother.

I am a lot cuter than Gizmo!

How's this for speed, I'm having fun.

Follow the leader, and have fun.

Love to get his picture taken.

Handsome in his sweater!

Try's to understand what I say.

Gizmo looking good.

Understands every word I say.

With bow in hair, don't tell him.

Trina's baby, sweetheart.
Snowgirl with her babies.
Snowy is a great mommy.
We found the flower bed, this is fun.
I like jelly beans the best!
Gizmo attacking Yorkies, who getting who?
This is Gizmo, he is full of it.
1 pound 12 ozs. at 15 weeks.
He has taken over the house.
Maltese puppies are adorable.
Peep a Boo

My nose has not turned black yet, mommy,

I am a little puff ball.
"PeeWee" Gizmo's mother.
Mom spoils me! Someone say candy?
Don't ask how this happen, But mom thought it was cute!
I am a little Sweetheart when am a sleep.
One of Trina's babies SOLD
I'm full of it!
This is Gizmo & Cuddle Bear. ( brothers)
Giz getting ready to get into something.
Beautiful little girl.
We are Angels.
Snowy's little man!
We call him "Aint he cute!"
This is ridiculous!
Can you believe this? She expects me to go out and potty with this on!
My Christmas birthday present. I don't want to tell mom how I really feel about it.
Perfection's. I am a little Doll!
He has Ritz cracker, loves Watermelon.
Giz's full brothers.