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Miniature Schnauzer


Most terrier breeds originated in the United Kingdom as hound dogs that hunted vermin, such as foxes, that preyed on farm animals. However the miniature schnauzer was developed to guard farm stables and catch rats in Germany.

       These dogs are very distinctive looking, with their trademark, long, soft whiskers (Schnauzer is German for “whiskers”), bushy eyebrows that give them a wise demeanor and long featherings on their legs.

      The, miniature schnauzer, based on the standard schnauzer and bred with the Affenpinscher and the poodle, is quite different from the standard and the giant breeds.

       Alert, intelligent, and fearless miniature schnauzers are popular for their serious looks and likable character. Also, because they are naturally very cautious and bark a lot, they make good guard dogs.

      They are strong and quick to learn but easy to keep, but they can be stubborn and tend to be wary of other dogs. They should be given work to do and given free rein to exercise, but because of their tendency to bark, they should not be over stimulated. Also, they gain weight easily, so their food intake should be monitored.

      Their coat needs daily brushing and combing, and occasional plucking is required to remove excess hair.


Size: (male) Height; 12- 14 inches; weight: 11-18 pounds (female) same

Coat: Hard and wiry: undercoat is soft. Colors include salt-and-pepper, black and silver, black.

Remarks: Kennel clubs require docked tail; AKC requires cropped ears (KC does not accept cropping).

Also called: Zwergschnauzer (German, “small schnauzer”)

Information from,  Legacy of the Puppy