UPDATE: 1/28/2017

       FOR SALE: SOLD.

  • Charles' Ms Snickers, beautiful female, she is dark Salt & Pepper
  • Need's Country LouCinda, beautiful Salt & Pepper, New litter 1/5/2017 Sold
  • Mr. Spencer, he is handsome.
           Call if interested, or email me.

Mr. Spencer, handsome looking.

Salt and Pepper brother and sister.

Up close and personal, Cute

You are setting on my leaf.

Kissing my new twin owners.

Setting in the shade.

Pretty baby girl.

LouCinda's new litter of 10 little ones.

Like what do I do now with all these babies. LOL

Beautiful babies so cute, dog pile.....

Ok you found me with that camera again.

I am just plain handsome.

Not coming out til you put up the camera.

OK Christmas presents.


Why can't I open mine NOW?


Well I am just going to Pout.

That's got my eyes going shut.

I am just adorable.


Play time, and loving it..


This feels good on the tummy..

This Jasper, so cute. Going to Wisconsin.

I am just handsome, what can I say..

Look at these eye lashes. Beautiful

She is Light Salt & Pepper and a sweetheart.

Personality, smart and loves to play..

You sure these will fit mom?

My big brother don't know what to think about me.

I have personality and handsome too, I got it all.

This is a precious face, sweet.

Love this bed mom, alright..

Nail polish, pick of the litter, going to new home..

Mommy said I am a sweetheart.

I am picture perfect..

This is my smile, to cute.

Mr. Shooting Star ready for Christmas.

Beautiful White Schnauzer.

Mommy's baby, sweetheart, adorable

LouCinda baby boy, he is a cutie pie.


All 4 line up and ready to play, to cute.


Mr Spencer's beautiful white son.


Playing and have fun.

One beautiful little girl.

Pretty and smart.

Ms Oreo & Ms Snickers in their new home.

Meet Ms LouCinda I call her Lucy Lou

They are scared but beautiful

Mommy said "I was a baby doll".

This is my looking pretty! Look...

About enought of this! Look...

Beautiful baby doll.

Lil girls, precious, one petite.


Love to play, smart and lovable.

I love to explore.

This is the life, new hair cut, bath and bed.

I am down right cute, huh?

This one I call Sparkle, look at his eyes.

Fritz, handsome, great personality.


Sparkle wants to eat Candy Cane.

We would make Christmas Special.

Handsome dark Salt & Pepper.

Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night.

Down right good looking, huh.

I was pick of the litter. SOLD

Pretty as peaches, smart too.

Pictures make me squint, but I'm cute.


I'm tiny & I have pink whiskers.

Adorable face, Little girl.

I'm a girl, mom put this scarf on me before looking.

Carebear boy, sweetheart.

I'm black, and beautiful boy.

Now this is a pile of puppies!

New litter of 8, 4 boys & 4 girls.


She is ready to play, bring it on..

Ethel is dark salt & pepper, & precious.

I am going to dig this bed up.

I am going to new home, to be loved a lot!

Salt & Pepper, and pretty.

Dark colored little girl.


I am going to look like my Daddy.

Louise first litter of 5.
I am the only male.
Resting for my trip to NC
Lunch time!
I am watching my sister sleep.
Dog Pile!
I like this chair.
I have to watch this horse back here.

I look like a little lamb.

Anyone want to play?
One of these is the girl next door.

Mom said you are my sister, but you are smaller and darker.