UPDATE: 9/26/2018

New Mommy and Daddy

Fiona (Black) and Norman (Fawn) in color.

        Peggy Sue, Mommy is Fawn: Litter SOLD

Midnight, Daddy is solid Black
       Call if interested, or email me.

This looks like mommy & daddy

Midnight & Peggy Sue

Here they are! 3 baby girls, playing in flowers.

Wonder if these are good to eat?


That's a beautiful flower.

Mom calls me the runt, what ever that is.

I am at my new home, with loving parents.

This is as cute as it gets, guys.

She said we couldn't eat them....

Now this is fun...

Going home with Giz, after a hard day of play...

I am going to try climbing this!


Hey! I made it, and then fall off. Twice

What can I say? I am a sweetheart.

I am shy...

I am cute...

I look like my mommy!

She knows she is a cutie..

She is posing for camera.

Black & Beautiful!

Little cutie faces.

Peggy Sue beautiful little girls

Black one is camera shy, precious.

This is Puggy Sue, she now lives in Louisiana.

Look at me now! Puggy Sue

This is my Pit Bull face!

This is Sisco, he was a cutie
Beautiful Little girl……
I am just a lil guy, but I am handsome!
This is a pile of Pugs!
Sisco looking handsome.
Peggy Sue first litter, wonderful…
Did you get my picture?
Mommy says I am cutie, and that’s a fact!
I didn’t want to wear this silly scarf, I am mad!
This is a pair of Christmas Pugs.
This is the darker fawn baby.
This is the lighter color baby boy.
This is Bosco, he is a sweetheart
I am just plum tuckered out!
This is me all grown up, going to new home.

I have a great personality.


Satin Black and Beautiful!!!!


I do tricks, and dance for treats.