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Schnoodles are a mix breed between the Schnauzer and the Poodle, acquiring so many wonderful qualities of each of these two popular breeds. Since the Schnoodle is a mix breed they vary in color, coat texture, and size. Health problems tend to be unknown as no research has been performed on this mix; however mix breeds tend to be healthier than pure breeds, as the lines are wider spread. They make wonderful house pets since they DO NOT shed, but even better than that they are wonderful for people with ALLERGIES since they are a hypo-allergenic dog.

      Schnoodles are very intelligent and easy to train. They like to be with people and are great with children. They are very happy and loving. The smaller varieties make good lap dogs. Demanding and delightful; very amusing and clever. Energetic, affectionate, and obedient. Playful and alert. Schnoodles are also known to not be yappy as in the Schnauzer.


Size: (male) Height 12-14 inches; weight 11-18 pounds (female) same

Coat: Hard and wiry, undercoat is soft mix breed vary in color, texture.


Information source unknown