UPDATE 6/7/2018


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  • Charles Country Snickers : 4/19/2018 new litter
  • Need's Country Tater Tat (Daddy) Poodle

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Hanging out with mom.

This is the life, she can hold me til I fall asleep.

I am just pretty special little boy.

Happy Valentine's Day

Oreo's Sweetheart female, Cream & White.

Oreo's baby boy beautiful marking.

Cutie pie male left.

Beautiful female going to home in Kansas.

Loving this grass on belly..

I am being good, you should see mom's floor.

We are having fun with toys, mom can clean later.


Sweetheart, little Oreo's baby girl.


I am darker then sissy, and I am a good girl.


Look how cute I am, I am the trouble maker.

Oreo's babies, We are just to cute.

I am all played out, nap time

I am a sweetheart.

This is what I think about picture time.

Loving and a great personality.

Lets see if we all can fit in this bed..

I like it over here,, just adorable.

I would make a wonderful Christmas gift..

I am adorable, sweet and smart.

Mom can I have my treat now?

LouCinda's baby girl ready for Christmas.

Wants pictures over, having a bad hair day..

Lou's baby, pretty in pink bows..

What a goin on? Doin what mom's doing...

Beautiful baby boy.

I am down right adorable...

All bathed and ready to go to Mississippi.

Big ball of fluff, ready to play.

What did you say mom, nap? no way.

Dark brindle, needs a bath, but so handsome..


Oreo's boy Super cute and knows it.

Snickers baby boy to cute and will get cuter.


Oreo's precious baby girls.

Oreo's baby boys....cute

Black one will look like Cookie.

About to take a nap, played out.


Pretty in Pink, pretty pretty.

Waiting for my new mommy.

Thelma's precious baby girl.

This is Rocky, handsome...

Molly is a sweetheart.

These are Cookie's new litter.

Adorable, precious Schnoodle babies.

Handsome baby boy.

Chewing on bunny ears.

KittyPup, She weighed 10 ozs at 8 weeks old.

Sister, Cream with black tips. Cutie....

Brother & sister, getting ready to nap..

KittyPup's little siter, looks like a lamb.

Schnoodle baby boy, sweetheart!

Cream with Blue ears & tail
This is fun playing with Gizmo!
You'll see me down the page (Cookie)

Miss Mozy lives at the Lake, very happy..

Precious little girl going to new home.

I'm heading out to my new home..

She said sat still, this is hard.
We need a time out.
In the middle Mr. Red, we are cute.

Mr Red, looking for water bowl.

The one I called Mr Red, Look at me now....

Scooter, Beautiful baby, growing up & handsome.

Monsiuer Reggie (Poodle)
Daddy (Reggie) & Mommy Thelma
Cookie's new hair cut.
Cookie still mad at me.
Is he cute are what?
Black with red tint, crean undercoat.
Supper time
We found the flower bed.
Handsome cream with black
This is a picture of Schnoodle.
Picture that looks like Cookie.
We are having fun now!
Cookie not mad any more.
Beautiful babies.