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Scottish Terrier


Scottish terrier puppies are self-confident adventurers that start scurrying around as soon as they learn to walk. And, in spite of their short legs, they move fast. One owner says, “Unlike other breeds. They don’t play together. They are independent puppies.” They are also aggressive, so they should socialize with people and other dogs from a young age.

     This breed. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, is nicknamed the Scottie and was once called the Aberdeen terrier. Originally bred as hound dogs for small animals such as foxes, badgers, and weasels that preyed on farm animals, the Scottie has short legs that are convenient for crawling into burrows. Because of their sharp senses, they made, and make, good guard dogs as well, though they should be trained not to bark unnecessarily.

      Training in general is very important for this breed, though overly strict methods will make them stubborn. Owners must be flexible and accepting of the Scottie’s strong character. Also, they are curious and are enthusiastic hole diggers.

Size: (male) Height 10-11 inches; weight 19-22 pounds

Coat: Hard and wiry; undercoat is soft and dense. Colors include black, brindle, gray, and wheaten; a small white marking on the chest is permissible.

Information from Legacy of the Puppy

“ If you have never had a Scottie, You have never had a dog”

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