"If you have never had a Scottie, you have never had a dog"!
I love my Scotties, they have Personality Plus!
We had a Scottie when my kids were growing up, protective,
smart, loving and kind. Best dog I ever had.

Scottish Terrrier: Winner of the Westminster Dog Show 2010
I will keep you updated!

        FOR SALE: SOLD

Mommy and Daddy are:

  • Need's Country Lady Molly de, New litter of 2 females and 2 males.
  • Edgar's Clyde (Male) Black
           Call if interested, or email me.

Mommy put bows in my hair.

Meet Miracle my house will never be the same.

Raised on the bottle, my baby girl.

She is a sweetheart, Lady Dianna's baby.

Molly's Beautiful baby boys

Scotties love to have fun.

Just had a bath, don't know what to think.

Let me see your scarf, I like red.

Oh yell salad, wonder if she'll let me have a leaf.

Playing under the table, around and around we go.

Girls just wanta have fun.. and they do..

I would love a nap, but sis won't let me.

They only want the toy the other one has.

3 little girls having fun.

Beautiful Scottie blanket mom.

This happens when you get the electric broom out.

Sammy is the name, Playing is the game.

Hey I like this plant. Can I eat it?

Then I will just hide behind it til you're not looking.

It's all about the toys..

That's with all the pictures..

A guy gets hunger after all that playing.

Duchess discovers the cows.

Stand off, not sure about this.

What you looking at buddy?

White Scottie working out.

Found the toys, boy is this fun...

Oh Buster is a handsome guy....

Now we are exploring, Lady Dianna's on outing.

These are pretty, wonder if we can eat them.

Nosey Rose in the back, she explores everything.

Dianna's baby out to play ball.

I wanta know what's behind this door.

Toys, this is fun. I love the Scotties..

Lady Molly( Black) has 2 rare white ones.


Lady Dianna(Wheaten) has all Black


Precious Scotties Love them.

Bonnie Sue playing


She is a doll baby, super personality..


Mommy hold me! Just to cute..

Lady Molly babies at play.

These two just want to be loved on and held.

This is fun but hot.

Scottie's know how to have fun.

The White Scottie is Princess Di

You have to love the Scottie.. I do

Lady Molly's first litter of 6

Precious angels sleeping, God is good

I have wanted a white Scottie for so long.

He is a Teddy Bear.

Ready to rumble, Scotties know how to have fun...

Look at that sweet, lovable face..

I am brindle like my daddy.

I am ready to ride, where's the horse?

That's enough with the camera, lets play.

Full of it!. He is CUTE.

Scotties know how to have FUN...

Where's the popcorn????

Lets head for home it's nap time.

Mom says I am handsome!

Played til I am tired.

You gota love Scotties..

Love to play in flower beds.

Bite this birds beak.

Am-Way's sweeheart.


Playing in flowers.

This is fun, what else can I get into?


Opie's baby girl, Sweet.... & pouting.

Brindle and Beautiful....

My daddy (Tuffy) is brindle, & handsome.

I’m just too cute!
This is what I am talking about!!!
I am just down right SPECIAL!
Need’s Country Whippie’s babies.
Need’s Country Opie’s.
Are we not the cutest things you ever saw?
Need’s Country Opie
New hair cut, see if I can get dirty.
This is Boo Boo Bear and daughters
(Whippie and Opie) playing in lake.
We love to play in Need’s flowers.
We are just too handsome (2 males)
Dolly’s little doll
Look at this face, only a mother could love.
I am a Valentine baby
Sweetheart (Wheaten Scottie)
Just precious
This is my Boo Boo Bear
I am Opie and Whippie’s Mom
And very pregnant! 6-9 litter
Whippie playing with toy.
I have gold wings, I am a little angel.
Am-Way’s Angel Sold
Grandkids love puppies
This is Sadie and she is special
This is my Pool’s Am-way
Mad at me for taking her picture.
Need’s Country Opie                                  Need’s Country Whippie
They are pistols! They are cute, Mischievous, playful, They are all Scotties, and they are
Boo Boo Bear’s Daughters


Sir John de Graham

Letting me know how he fells about Pictures...

He is one handsome black Knight.

These are Am-Ways babies,
Just got eyes opened.
Ready to play here.
Am-Way’s has a touch of white on chest, and so do some of the babies.

Daddy calls us big heads, Mommy just loves us.
Mom thinks this is cute.
She doesn’t want to know what I think!
Need’s Country Dolly.
Dolly’s first litter, white female & black male.
Personality Plus
I would like to get into something!
She can take this bow off anytime!