• Jenny
  • Rose breed to Yorkie for Sharkies. 7/19/2015 Males 4 babies


Ms Vera

Tigger Rosie's baby shorkie, So cute.

Tiger posing for camera, Sweetheart.

Tigger don't like to take pictures.

Headed for my new home.

Benjie is a sweetheart, so cute.

Hey mom what's with all the pictures?

This is a Shorkie.

We are cuties too.

Adorable brindle Sharkie.

New litter of Sharkies 4 males.

Please I have not bathed or did my hair.

Supper time, one natural bob tail.

Louie, is a ball of fur, sweet baby.

He is precious, loves to play.

Looks like one of the toys......

Orphan Annie, she a angel.

Andy is a little shy.. til he warms up.

Look at the markings on these babies....

I am a little beauty, so precious..

Going to get this cat's tail.

I need a nap, playing is hard work.

Becky's baby girl Shih-Poo.

These are precious balls of fur.

Look at that face, sweet sweet.

Looking good, Cash sweet baby.

Handsome big boy, I am cute.

What can I say " Adorable"

Ms Becky's baby boy.

Beauty baby girl Shih-Poo

Going to new home today..hope they have toys.

Becky's Shih-Poos lil boy

All boys playing and having fun.


Eating his duck foot.

Sadie's beautiful little girl.

Both want the same toy..

This little girl found a duck...

Adorable, what can I say..

This little guy is just to cute..

This one has more brindle & don't like the scarf..

This little Brindle girl is a cutie...

Look at that angel face. Sweet.

Playing with bunny or eating bunny???

Sadie's 2 little males, Adorable..

He is mostly black and alot handsome..

He is black brindle and white marking..

This is the cutest little Shih-Poo, I have ever seen..

He is a doll baby, 10 weeks old and Small...

Loves to be helt and a tail wagger.

Cash's baby boy at new home for Christmas.

Vernica's baby boy at new home for Christmas.

Just precious, little angel boys.

This is a Christmas Angel...

He is just as sweet as he is cute.

I am just tired of all the pictures, I need a nap..

I am just the cutest little girl!

Cash's little sweetheart.

I am Cash's handsome little man.

Sadie's Chocolate Handsome Man.

He is Tri-colored and adorable.

Cash's he has a black mask, beautiful markings.

This is Smoky II playing in flowers.

This is Bandit, resting in flowers.

Smoky II exploring, he is just to cute.

Handsome Black & White male.

Playing, having fun now...

OK, time for my nap..

Sadie's 2nd litter. Tri-colored male.

I look like my brother, next door,
but I am the only little girl.

Mommy thinks I am super cute.

My new mommy, dresses me like a Doll.

This is me, before I lost my bow.

Playing with my frog, I am just adorable.

Female baby looking precious & sweet.

Parti colored male, brown, black & white.


I'm mad as heck. Black & white male



How cute is this?

We are precious, Cutie Pie.

I live in Louisiana!
Want a play, little brother.
What ya doing mom, taken pictures?
These are Cash’s Babies, SWEET.
I am trying to sleep here.
Don’t pay any attention to her, maybe she’ll go away.
This is Sadie taknig care of her babies.
She had 7 in her first litter, & is a wonderful mommy.
All doing fine!
Austin’s Black Sadie, female black one,
Sheryl’s Frank is my male, Sheryl’s Girl
Razzmatazz & Charlie’s Cash Girl


Razz has her tongue out and this is Frank again.

All wants petted and a Bone
Pretty, pretty & handsome.

This is litter of Shih-Poo’s, designer dog. (Shih Tzu & Miniature Poodle)
Razz, first time mommy did real well and she loves her babies.
Precious and cute as a bugs ear. I call those my Ice Cream puppies, Vanilla, Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

We have a problem! Mr. Frank, So….
Mr. Reggie (Poodle) had to come to the
rescue. So Razz has a litter of Shih-Poos.
Born June 13, 2 females, 1 male.
Male is white and cream, 1 female
Chocolate and 1 female dark chocolate.

This tiny little Shih-Poo is my sweetheart..

This is beautiful sister.


He is just a toy, a joy, a teddy bear...

Mom thinks this tie is handsome on me..

Showing off my new sweater.

Am I precious or what?????

We are Shih-Poos..We rule...

We are black, white and red tips.

I am not looking at that camera NO MORE

These are my baby Shih-Poo girls....

ADORABLE little guy...

Sweetheart boys, we are only going to get cuter.