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West Highland White Terrier


Newborn Westie puppies are white from head to toe, with pink noses and footpads. Within 3-4days, their noses and the footpads start getting mole-size black spots that increase until those body parts are all black. Their folded ears will prick up in 2-3 months. From puppyhood, they are geniuses at playing. One owner says, “If he finds one little stick, he can make a fun toy out of it. If he has a toy, he plays well with other dogs, too. He finds a good playmate in his mother, and they play together for a long time.”

      This cheerful but tough and strong-willed breed, named after its homeland in Scotland, was developed from white cairn terriers, which were originally considered weak and cowardly and were commonly weeded out. But then white cairn terriers were bred to make small terriers to hunt small animals. Sensitive to sound, they make good guard dogs, and they need lots of exercise.

      Crossbreeding this breed with the cairn terrier was practiced and accepted for a long time, but, since 1917, the AKC has not recognized registration of these crossbred puppies.

       Their rough double coat looks soft, but it is coarse and made for the outdoors. Stripping dead hair and trimming are frequently required.

Size: (male) Height about 11 inches, weight 20 pounds or less (female)Height about 10 inches, weight 18 pounds or less

Coat: Wiry; color is white



Information from Legacy of the Puppy