UPDATE: 3/2/2017

For Sale : 2 females left.

  • Snow White: New litter 2/22/2017
  • Daddy is: Prince Charming.

       Call if interested, or email me.

Debbie's Little girls.


This is SnowWhite and new babies

Four beautiful little girls.

Snowy and babies so precious..

Frankie Bayou eating out of his new bowl.

Frankie going to his new home.

How come I can't get to the bones, mom

Snowy's beautiful babies.

I just want to be held, and loved on. Please.

Hey there want to hold me too.

Charlotte's baby going home for Christmas.

Want a hold me mom.

Peep a boo, sweetheart.

Handsome Bubby Boy.

Charlotte's Baby girl.. Precious.


Buddy Boy coming to find me.



Sheri's baby girl ready for Christmas,


Baby Boy waitting for Santa,


Not happy with me, don't care if Santa is coming.

Morrison, one of my beautiful babies..

Now this is the life. Love my new home.


All grown up and I am a sweetheart..

Saint Westies, Beautiful babies

Debbie's Handsome Boy.

All dressed for St. Pat's party.

Charlotte's babies, sweet boy.

Playing in flowers


Would love to get dirty....

Debbie's lil boy, handsome.

Deb's lil man hanging out.

Mom is goin have to be faster then that to get me.

Fran's baby girl, sweethearts......

This sun shine is bright on the eyes.

We are just precious, Francis girls.

We have a super lot of fun.

Ready, to play.

I am not a toy, I am for real.....

These bows need to go, mom

I have my tie on and I am handsome.


I am a Christmas Puppy, so cute.

Pick a pocket full of poises

I am just too cute!

I'm taking this with me.

What can you say? To cute.

U wan't play? Jenny's Boy

All dressed up to go to new home.

Francis' Lil girls.

Just precious!

Lil bit camera shy, but beautiful baby.

One handsome lil guy.

I am cutier than a Easter Bunny!

Mom said, I am special!

Did she say bath again?

Mom, did you get a good picture of me?

Is this where you want me to nap?

Debbie taking care of babies.

Jenny wants to take toy to Whelping house.

I see a pup in there, trying to get my toy.

Howdy partner.

Playing in mom's flowers, don't tell her.

Anybody up for ear chewing?

Lil polar bear climb.

Fluffy face that's me.

Posing for picture, biting her finger.

Valentine baby.

Ready to play.

We are just to cute.

some text here

I see a dog face in there.

I found a kittycat.

She here with that camera again?

Toys, toys let me at them.

Am I cute, or what?