Update 12/11/2018

  • FOR SALE: 1 Male Left, ready to go for Christmas..
  • Ali-Ann : New litter Born 8/7/2018.
  • Call Now!    Will keep you updated!
  • Ali-Ann; weight 5 pounds.


They can't make em this cute......



My Sweet little boy.

Tiny baby boy..

She knows I hate this sweater.

Wonder if these pumpkins are eatable

They are so adorable.

These are cute Pumpkins


My Buddy Boy with personality plus.



We just want to play mom, not set still.


My sweet baby boys.

Sadie going to new home.

Baby Boy not sure about pictures....


Sadie not holding still. Adorable!

What are you doing?

Ali's baby boy playing.

Beautiful hair coat, super cute little boy.

AliAnn's sister, she is beautiful..


3 of AliAnn's new babies.


Ali's baby girl 6 weeks old, cute and playful.

AliAnn's baby girl.

They love to chase each other.

She is just precious.

Dorothy's baby girl.

Natural Bob tail, sweetheart.

Angel face.

Louey wants to be helt.

Bluey, Louey and Dewey playing with toys.

Mr. Bluey, he is just to cute and spoiled.

Mr. Dewey, Teddy Bear and a pistal.

Dorothy's babies.

Mr. handsome Louey, what a doll.

DiDi granddaughter, Shorty's baby girl.


She is busy, and has found her bed.


This is DiDi and she is special + beautiful..


This is Tiny Tim, speacial baby.



Tiny Tim is so small, kept him for 12 weeks.


Timmy is getting sleepy, so sweet..

This is my special boy so tiny..

Tiny Tim, and that is what he think of the name.

One pound and 1 ozs at 12 weeks. Cute...

Precious' baby girl.

Precious' baby boy.

Myia just to cute, adorable...

New meaning to dog pile.. Precious.

Shelly's baby girls. To cute.

Four girls and two boys in this litter. Sweeties.

This is Dorothy's Angel

Would rather be playing.

She is adorable little girl.

Country Dumkin, he is Shelly's

Precious' Lil Precious Angel.

Country Dumkin, he is a sweetie.....

Precious' 6, Peep a boo in the back.

Tiny Baby Girl.

Handsome Precious male.

Shelly's sweet brothers

I'm having a bad hair day.

Shelly's boys, Ready to play

I just want to play, Yorkie-Poo boy.

Now if you think I am wearing this, think again.

I am lookin good here, Mommy's buddy.

Rose Maries' baby doll.

I am Lil Bit's little Princess

This is Lil Bits little Sweetheart.

Rose Marie's little angel. SOLD

Rose's precious baby girl.

Rose's handsome man. To cute.


Shelly sweet boy...


We are making a mess in here, but having fun.

Precious' lil man, personality

Precious' beauty Queen



Precious' tiny Angel


Just to Precious.

Shelly's pretty as a picture.

He knows he's cute..

Shelly's handsome man.

Sage's baby girls. Sweet....

Sage's angel boy.

Sage's princess girls.

Precious' lil man, personality.

They are so Precious...

Now this is toys, Hey...

Precious Little girl, in a pile of boys.

These little guy are handsome..

Mommy's little babies would like a nap..

Rose Marie's little boy.

Brother & sister, he is washing her face. Kisses

Going to new home for Christmas Surprise.

Shelly's little dolly....

Sorry mom, I am not wearing those bows...

All dressed up for Christmas..

We are as sweet as we are cute...

Already got rid of one bow...


I am Shelly's perfect Christmas present...

Rose Marie & Shorty;s baby girls.

I look like my mommy..

I look like my daddy...

Ms DIDI, she is one of a kind....

She has found a bird feather..

She is a picture!!!!!

Pretty as a picture, & hard to get a good one.

Mommy said, "set still"....


OOPS! turned my head.

This is DiDi and she is Precious..

Sweetheart personality...

DiDi is a whole 3 pounds at 3 years old.

Charlie's Angel boys...love to play.

Angel face, angel sweet,


Angel boy, angel personality...

Rose Marie's lil soldier boy...

We are just plain handsome, even if my ear is up.

My brother is hiding back there, not me..

This is Precious, little man.

He is handsome & sweet..

Beautiful baby boy!

Yorkie-Poo, just call me Dolly....

Beautiful Yorkie-Poo girl.

Yorkie-Poo Bailey the name. Sweet.....

Sisters are so special....

Keri Silk N Satin's Yorkie-Poos

Yorkie-Poo baby girl, Cutie-Poo.

Eyes are now open, Sweetie-Poo

One of Shelly's little girls.

There are 4 of us, & we are cute.

Pretty as peaches.

Shelly's precious baby girls.

Shelly's Little Man!

More of Shelly's baby girls.

Here is Spike in his new home. Precious..

His new name is now Tigger.

Tigger all dressed up in Sunday best..

Dorothy's Spike he thinks he is a pit bull.

Dorothy's Angel face (Prince).

Dorothy's 2 baby boys.

Sage's precious little girl.

I'm telling Santa's helper what I want.

Perfect for Christmas, AND cute.

This little gal is Small at 8 weeks.

Rosie's beautiful little girl.

This is Taz, and he will be silver.

Sage's Baby girls.

Sage's handsome boy.

We have toys and love to play.

Lil Bit's little pretty baby girl.

I am headed for Louisana.

Down right handsome!

This is my Precious' sweetboy

Precious' I'm just to cute!

Precious' Lil boy, 1/3 the size of brothers.

Yes, she is this color, mommy is Angel.

I am Lil Bits little sweeheart.


Angel's girl, Adorable


This is DiDi little boy, he is a cutie.

Shelly's baby lambie.

Angel's baby, another bath mom?

DiDi's Little Cowboy.

DiDi's Baby Boy.

Sweetheart Shorty..

Aren't you handsome! Yorkie-Poo

Black with Silver Yorkie-Poo

Precious Yorkie-Poo female, Chocolate

This is Keri's Yorkie-Poos! How precious.

I am traveling to New Jersey by car.

We are have fun, Lil bits little boys.

We are just to cute! If you can believe it, we will get cutier.

Charlie's Angel, angel girls.

One cute little Princess!

This is Lil Bit’s, little man.  
    Lil Bit’s Little Valentine, Sweetheart. 
Shelly's little boy.
Precious teacup Yorkies
This is DiDi in a teacup!
This is Linus, Tiny tiny
We are just to cute!

This Mommy is Emily JoJo,
These are her babies.
She had 5, 2 are off playing, raised 5.
She is a good Mommy.
AKC Registered. All Sold.
Emmily JoJo and babies
Need's Country Precious
Need's Country Shelly
Keri Silk N Satin
She know's she is Precious!
Cinnabar, Keri's little lady!
We love playing with these little toys!
Keri's lil angel baby.
We are small and don't eat much!
Mommy says we are just too cute!
I'm the small one.
She could of put candy in this basket.
I was brought and donated for a auction
to raises money for a children’s
school in Texas. I was sold and raised
$5,200.00 dollars at that charity. My mommy
is so pride of me!! And I went to a good
home, with a little girl and boy. They are
going to love me a lot and I will be very spoiled...

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie, ready for new home.
We are just adorable!
RoseMarie's angel girl.
Keri's little man, just too cute!
These are RoseMarie's boys!
RoseMarie's little girl!
Brother won't play any more, mom
This is DiDi' first litter of 4, 2 females and 2 males. She us up to 3 lbs. 6 ozs.


DiDi, she is tiny, tiny. Born May 1st 2006


Crashed, played out, Nap time!


 I am Little Bit’s little angel!

This is Precious' Might Dog!

I am a little Princess too!

Someone say handsome? that's me!



I want to get into something! Bring it on!


Snuggling with the BIG dog!